What Happens When You Add Yarn to Your Bullet Journal?: Habit Tracker

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

This month I decided to incorporate my love of yarn, knitting, and crocheting into my bullet journal theme! November is a great month to be working on lots of projects so I thought it would be quite fitting. I have found tons of craft and project trackers (which are definitely amazing too), but what about a whole month themed all around yarn and the things you can make with it? After searching Pinterest, I couldn't find what I was picturing up in that brain of mine... I guess that means I get to create it!

If you haven't done so already, make sure you read my previous post about my Granny Square Mood Tracker.

For all those crochet-loving bullet-journalers out there, this post is all about how I made my yarn-themed habit tracker.

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What you will need:

First, pencil out your boxes for each tracker.

I used 3x10 rectangles since November has a nice even 30 days. I was able to comfortably fit 10 boxes. Each box will track a different habit.

Now, we can start inking the boxes for each tracker.

Make sure to erase the pencil lines before you add any color.

Number each box 1-30 for the days of the month.

You will mark off each day that you complete that habit, so it is important to know which day you are marking!

I added a subtle drop shadow in a soft blue.

Add the habits you would like to track for the month.

Now it's time to doodle!

I did my doodling in pencil first so I could be sure I was happy with the placement before adding any ink.

Next, I used my brush pens to add my title.

Now it's time to ink your doodles.

Don't forget to get rid of those pencil marks!

And you are finished!

You are ready to track your habits for November!

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Thanks for reading!

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