Tiny Barrel Cactus Magnet Pattern - FREE PATTERN

By Hearts&Crafts etc./Kelsey Sedgwick


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The PDF version of this pattern includes written instructions and photo tutorial. 

Finished Measurements

About 2.5"-3" tall. Top is about 2" in diameter, bottom is about 1.25" in diatmeter.   

Skill Level

Easy - Projects may include simple stitch patterns, color work, and/or shaping.

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Loops & Threads® Impeccable™ Yarn, Solid in the colors:

MC: Fern

CC1: Soft Rose

CC2: Teal

Weight: Medium (4) 

Contents: 100% acrylic

Skein Weight: 4.5 oz. / 127.5 g

Yardage: 285 yd. / 260 m

This is only a suggestion. I used scraps of yarn from previous projects because you only need a small amount of each color. Use whatever yarn works best for you!


Size G-4.25mm Crochet Hook

​*I used a smaller hook than recommended for the yarn. This keeps the stitches tight to avoid gaps which allow stuffing to show through the stitches.*


2-6mm Safety eyes

Tapestry needle 

Stitch markers

Poly-fil stuffing 


Stitch counter (Optional)


Hot Glue Gun


20 sts/20 rows = 10cm/4 inches square in single crochet


CH - Chain 

ST(s) - Stitch(es) 

SC - Single Crochet 

SL ST - Slip stitch 

INC - Increase (Two single crochet in one stitch) 

BLO - Back Loop Only (Single crochet only into the back loop of the previous stitch)

Magic Ring - Option 1: Holding your yarn tail in front of your left hand with the palm facing you. Wrap the yarn around your index and middle fingers 3 times toward the tips of your fingers. Go under all three strands with your hook and bring the strand closest to your palm under the other two strands. Use your thumb to bring the tail attached to the ball of yarn up and YO. Bring the yarn through the first loop you just made (This does NOT count as a single crochet). Take the loop off of your fingers and begin your 7 single crochet stitches around the two strands in the loop. Lightly pull on the short tail of yarn to identify which strand in the loop it is. Pull this strand to shrink the other one and then pull the tail again to close the circle. (Purchase the photo tutorial here.)

Option 2: Chain 2, Single crochet 7 stitches into 2nd chain from hook, and slip stitch into first single crochet to close 

FO - Fasten Off


Cactus Body - Using MC yarn

R1: Magic ring (7)

R2: INC around (14)

R3: (INC, SC) around (21)

R4: (INC, 2SC) around (28)

R5-8: SC around (28)

R9: (DEC, 2SC) around (21)

R10: (DEC, SC) around (14)

FO. Attach safety eyes 6 rows down from top and about 9 sts apart.

Flower - Using CC1 yarn

Ch 5, join with SL ST. Ch 3, SL ST through ring. Repeat 5 times total for 5 petals. FO, attach to cactus and stuff.

Pot - Using CC2 yarn

R1: Magic ring (7)

R2: INC around (14)

R3: SC around in BACK LOOP ONLY (14)

R4: *BLO* INC, SC around (15)

R5: *BLO* (INC, 4SC) around (18)

R6: *BLO* SC around (18)

R7: *BLO* (INC, 2SC) around (24)


R8: SL ST around (24)

FO. Stuff and attach pot to cactus. Be careful to stitch together in a way that the cactus sits inside of the pot.

Use the hot glue gun to glue the magnet to the back of the cactus. Alternatively, you can attach a key chain or let the cactus stand on its own.

And you're finished!

For a full photo tutorial, purchase the PDF version of the pattern here.

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