October Bullet Journal Planning

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

It is already time to prep for October! Fall is my favorite time of the year for many reasons but pumpkin-themed everything is definitely in the top three! I love that I can use pumpkins to decorate through the end of November, then I jump into Christmas fun.

I also like to incorporate Halloween into the whole month of October since it is one of my favorites as well. So let's jump into why this time of the year is so much fun!

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Month Cover Page

I chose to go simple with classic pumpkins and autumn leaves for my cover page for the month. I didn't really use any specific references for this page, just my go-to pumpkin doodles and then I added a few leaves to balance out the page. I always like to do an "at a glance" calendar for the month and this time I only added it to the cover page, I did not do a separate full-page one like I sometimes do. I go back and forth on this because sometimes I refer back to them and other times they go unused.

My favorite journaling markers are Zebra Mildliners, I use them throughout all of my spreads!!! I have all of the colors they currently offer in the double-sided broad/fine tip and if you haven't tried the Zebra Brush Mildliners, I highly recommend those as well! The Zebra Brush Mildliners offer a medium brush tip as well as a fine tip. From what I can find, Zebra considers both types of pens to include a "fine tip", but the fine tip on the Zebra Brush Mildliner actually seems to write smaller than the fine tip of the traditional Zebra Mildliners. This is great for my journaling because I essentially get four tip sizes in the same color!

Personal Budget Spread

My next spread is my budget for the month. I thought about incorporating my color scheme and/or autumn theming into this spread, but I really love using green for my finance pages. I did try something a little different this month for my expenses. Instead of listing them, I expanded on the tiny calendar I used last month. I added another small calendar and then I will write the bill and the amount on the day it is due. Once it is paid I can cross it off the calendar!

For more on the references I used for my budget spread, check out My Top 5 Favorite Bullet Journal Spreads

I also added some sparkle to some of my pages with my Gelly Roll Stardust Meteor Pens!

Mood Tracker & Habit Tracker

I found the CUTEST mood tracker on Pinterest so I just had to use it! I didn;t add a key to mine because I plan to draw a face on each ghost that best depicts my mood for that day. In addition to being adorable, I think this one will be really fun. You could also use Jack-O-Lanterns, really anything you could draw faces on each day!

For my daily habit tracker, I actually started with the Halloween moon doodle and then designed the rest around it. For the title, I wanted to incorporate my color scheme for the month and I LOVE how it turned out! I used a simple design for the actual trackers because I didn't want to have too much happening on the page.

Daily Pages

I usually only use one page for each day, but I am trying something new this month. I am slowly working on learning Japanese and I want to be better about practicing every day. This is what made me want to change up my daily pages so I could give myself a space to fill up each day. Even if I only practice my characters or a few short words/phrases, I'm hoping this will encourage me to make some progress every day. If it works, I might switch to this layout for my next few months as well!

Check out the previous design in My Top 5 Favorite Bullet Journal Spreads.

I chose simple pumpkin theming for the daily pages. I like to make sure I don't go overboard since I have to replicate the theming for the WHOLE month. A great way to gauge this is by adding only one element at a time to all of the days of the month. When I do my daily pages I go through and add all of the days of the week titles, then detailing those titles with shadows/outlines, then I move on to adding all of the date designs (in this case, the pumpkins) and so forth. This also helps keep each element consistent throughout the month.

As you can see, I did go into a lot more detail on my daily page for Halloween!

I wanted Halloween to stand out so I used a separate color scheme and added a lot more details. When I first started bullet journaling, I tried to put this much into EVERY daily page. I learned that I was spending too much time on designing and not enough on actual journaling. So I shifted to a more simple design on daily pages and focus on detailing pages that I only have once per month - my trackers, monthly spreads and holidays! This has been a lot more manageable and if I have time I decorate my daily page as part of my journaling for that day.

And that's my October bullet journal!

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