My Top 5 Favorite Bullet Journal Spreads

These are my go-to spreads for my personal bullet journal. Sometimes I just whip up something basic, and other times I let my creative juices flow! This month I decided to use a cherry blossom theme for my journal. I have also included links to my favorites.

1. Monthly Overview Calendar

From my own bullet journal for this month.

2. Habit Trackers

My go-to layout for my daily habit tracker. I include both good habits I want to keep up as well as bad habits I want to break.

I like to use this layout for these two spreads because I prefer them both horizontal in my bullet journal.

3. Budgeting

Under expenses I list my monthly bills and mark the dates they are due on the calendar. I use the spending tracker for any additional spending throughout the month.

4. Mood Trackers

5. Daily Pages

I usually add a to-do list, track my food/water intake, and use the brain dump section for anything on my mind that day.

These are my favorites, but I am always experimenting with new spreads. What are your go-to bullet journal pages? Let me know in the comments!

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