My Partner in Crime (& Crochet)

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I'm the other half of Hearts & Crafts, etc. Kelsey asked me to guest star on her blog here and there, and of course, I said yes! I decided my first post should be about me and how I got into crochet. So stick around, and enjoy or don't enjoy my story... if you keep reading I'm going to assume you think I'm great and want to be supportive.

I was first taught to crochet from my mom. She had her work cut out for her! She is primarily right-handed and of course, being an oddball I am left-handed. I learned to crochet by merely watching her crochet right-handed and applying the stitch backward. She would hold up her project and flip it for me, to understand her stitches.

There is one memory that stands out to me. We were sitting in the car waiting for my brother to get out of school, and I can remember sitting there working on a chain stitch. She made me chain like crazy to perfect my tension. I can remember that rubbing from the hook to the yarn when my tension was too tight. (Nails on a chalkboard I tell ya!)

Fast forward to middle school… I'm sure we all have those stereotypical bully stories (I won't get into those, I'll save those for the therapy I will need later in life). I was not a social butterfly, I would bring my small project in my backpack and work on them on my lunch break. I would hide out by the music room and crochet my candy designed purses (this was the late 90s after all, themed bags were all the rage). For some reason, I never shared my love of crochet.

One time in my high school drama class, we were all sitting watching other students depressing monologue (moody teens) and I began to work on a baby blanket. I was trying to be nonchalant about it and had it half inside my backpack. Another student noticed my project and called me a "nana" (grandma). You know what that wasn't a mean term for me. I embraced it, I loved it. After that moment I never hid my projects, I didn't care what other people thought!

In growing up and out of the woes of being a teen (mood swings, acne, periods!) Most who see me crocheting, always have questions. They are genuinely curious about it. The joy in telling them about my projects brings me so much fulfillment!

Well, that's my story! If you've made it this far, good for you, it's the end now. You may go on your merry way. Or if you're still reading, go to our Instagram and share one of our posts! Tell a friend, heck tell everyone about us, don't be afraid!

Thanks lovelies,



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