Mini Projects - By Becki Rader

Do you ever have those moments where your working on a large project and you need a break from it because you've been slaving away at it for hours, and a change of scenery is all you need?

For me, that is towel toppers. Towel toppers are so simple and easy to make. My grandma actually asked me once if I could make her a set of towel for her kitchen, as her old set was falling apart and she found them so handy. I found that I could knock out a set of towels in half an hour. I actually got hooked on it, maybe border line obsessed with it... I might have a stock of towels with no tops and no end date to complete them! My justification for having so many is, I work on them between my large projects. I currently have 8 revolving projects I pick up, put down, forget about. The towels are one of those things you can make while watching an episode of your favorite show. Plus they make great gifts! We have a few sets available on our etsy page if you want to take a look!

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