How to Make Thank You Tags for Your Handmade Products!

Do you make beautiful handmade items? Do you want your buyers to know who made those wonderful pieces? Me too!

I always make sure to include a business card so that buyers know where to look for more handmade products! I try to attach it in a cute way like a little tag and I always want to thank them for their purchase. We want to show our appreciation for our small business supporters, right? Of course, we do!

Now that I have a fancy new Cricut machine, I am playing with new ways to add my personal touch to my finished products. So, if you want to know how it's done, keep reading for my photo tutorial...

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What you will need:

Of course, it is always encouraged to let your creative juices flow, so feel free to add whatever extra flourishes you desire.

The "How-To":

First, let's use our Cricut to cut out our paper/cardstock pieces.

You can design your own shapes in the Cricut Design Space, or you can use the project I have created:

*Hint: Try to group cuts for multiple tags to save paper!*

Carefully remove your paper cutouts from the mats.

Next, write your message!

I recommend adding your lettering before assembling the tags (in case you are like me and make mistakes from time to time).

I chose to add the lettering by hand, but you can also use your Cricut to draw your message if you prefer. Make sure you choose to "attach" both the cut and the draw so that the Cricut makes it as one piece.

For this font, I chose to color in the letters with my Cricut pen.

Time to assemble!

Glue your thank you message to the tag without the diagonal cuts.

Tuck your business card into the tag with the slits. Glue the tags together. Be careful not to glue the business card into place in case you would like to change it out later or if your customer would like to keep it separately.

I used clothespins to hold the pieces together until the glue dried.

Attach your string, yarn or ribbon that you will use to fasten the tag to your item. For this one, I used a piece of yarn.

Now you are ready to tag your beautiful work.

I used my crochet hook to pull the yarn through and then tied a little bow.

And there you go!


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