Furls Odyssey Peach Crochet Hook Unboxing & Review

I was super excited to order my first hook from Furls Crochet and I couldn't be happier with my purchase!

I chose the Odyssey Peach crochet hook in a size H (my go-to hook size). I was definitely hesitant when I saw the pricing (full disclosure, I try to bargain shop whenever I can!), but I am happy to spend a little more for a handmade product.

I was impressed that my hook was delivered in under a week (I ordered it on Friday, Sept. 6th and it was delivered on Wednesday, Sept. 11th).

I love this little note on the receipt!

My beautiful new hook arrived safely in its own box, clearly marked with the color and size.

The first thing I noticed (after the shimmery peach handle, of course), was the weight of the hook. The shape and weight of the handle makes this hook different than any other crochet hook I've used, it feels so natural to hold.

Next test, actually using my wonderful new crochet hook! And, not surprisingly, it passed with flying colors. This hook is so smooth, it glides right through the yarn with ease. I can definitely see this being my new favorite hook.

I would highly recommend Furls Crochet Hooks and plan to add more to my collection in the future!


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